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Dead Dog in the City

There have been some major changes at the Dead Dog Café, and we’re not talking about renovations. The place has been sold, and Gracie has packed up everything and moved to Toronto to team up with a high-powered television executive who wants to produce a cooking show with Gracie as its star.

Tom is appalled by the prospect of losing his favourite café and more than a bit envious at the prospect of a television show, so he agrees to drive Jasper to Toronto. After all, he has a pickup truck and someone has to peel the vegetables and clean the pots. And, of course, pay for the coffee.

And there’s certainly a great deal to do in the city. There’s the pirate radio news show (New World News: Yesterday’s News Tomorrow) that Jasper runs for three minutes each week on random days so the CRTC can’t triangulate the location. There’s Rosedale Garbage Day where you never know what the filthy rich will throw out next. There’s the periodic trips to the Toronto Zoo to see how the animals are doing (are the polar bears really on prozac?).

And then there are the urban denizens who come by the café for coffee and conversation. For instance, there’s Leon Purchase, the CEO of the Utilitarian Church which ministers to multi-national corporations and who is intent on “raising profits among you” (can you say 22%?).

The Dead Dog Café. Out of the sticks and into the big city. A new show with familiar voices. Where the satire is hard. Where no one is safe. Where anything can happen. Where anyone can show up. And where we still don’t know exactly what “Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs” really means.

Dead Dog in the City is written by Thomas King and stars Floyd Favel as Jasper Friendly Bear, Edna Rain as Gracie Heavyhand and Tom King as himself.

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