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Cracked (HD) (DV)

Cracked (HD) (DV)

CRACKED is about a unique team of police investigators and mental health professionals, the PSYCH CRIMES UNIT, tasked with solving the wide variety of crimes that cross the boundary between law enforcement and psychological disturbance. CRACKED features an outstanding cast led by David Sutcliffe (Detective Sergeant Aidan Black), supported by Luisa d'Oliveira (Detective Poppy Wisnefski), Dayo Ade (psychiatric nurse Leo Beckett), Karen LeBlanc (Inspector Diane Caligra) and introducing Brooke Nevin (Dr. Clara Malone).

Season Two places a strong emphasis on the personal and emotional impact the cases have on the characters. When a new psychiatrist - Dr. Clara Malone - joins Psych Crimes, the bonds among what has become a cohesive unit will be tested and eventually strengthened. Even though the unit operates outside normal cop culture, it is now recognized within the service as a potent force. Because of the unique nature of the team, disasters can be averted, lives can be saved and shattered personalities can be made whole again.

High Definition where available) (Described Video)

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  • Drama

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