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CBC Radio 3 is available 24/7 on satellite radio. Beamed across North America on channel 86 of the Sirius Satellite Radio network, the station features artists from across the country in multiple genres, including rock, pop, hip-hop, electronica, and alt-country.

Radio 3's podcast is truly unique: it's full of amazing, 100% Canadian music from new and emerging artists. This is great news for music fans, and it's even better news for independent Canadian musicians. We are extremely excited about the potential for exposing Canadian artists to a wider international audience and are proud to be one of the top podcasts worldwide.

With over 3.8 million downloads since June 2005, the CBC Radio 3 podcast features host Grant Lawrence introducing audiences to an hour of the best in new Canadian music every week. Find out why Exclaim calls it "Canada's most important podcast" and why Spin magazine called us "the top podcast in Canada".

As a key starting point for thousands of musicians, New Music Canada is the launch pad for today's best-loved Canadian artists, reaching local, regional, national, and global audiences. With more than 9,000 artists and 43,000 original songs, NMC is the largest collection of independent Canadian Music in the World. From basement demos to professional recordings, from local shows to national tours, New Music Canada is one of our country's leading supporters of emerging music.

Our Concerts and Sessions bring live music performance to the web. We send our intrepid team of recording professionals around the country to get unrepeatable musical moments on tape. We also invite artists into the CBC studios to record exclusive sessions. Then we put the recorded shows online for you to enjoy.

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