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Breaking Point

Breaking Point

BREAKING POINT brings viewers back to those tense, critical moments when Canada's future as a country was at stake. Revealing interviews with key players from the referendum fight: show how ill-prepared the federalist forces were for a yes victory; uncover an agreement for a potential coup d'état of the prime minister by Liberal cabinet ministers; demonstrate the commitment of First Nations peoples to determine their own destiny; trace the rapid organization of the dramatic 'Canada Rally' in Montréal in the dying days of the campaign; and document just how far Premier Jacques Parizeau was willing to go to fulfill his dream of an independent Quebec.

Jean Chrétien, Jacques Parizeau, Daniel Johnson, Jean Charest, Preston Manning, Deborah Grey and Brian Tobin, among others, all give a candid view of their roles in this pivotal moment in Canada's federation. But the real stars of BREAKING POINT are the ordinary Canadians who share their emotions and insights about a national crisis that affected them personally and politically.

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