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Booky's Crush (HD)

Booky's Crush (HD)

It's a new grade at school and 11-year-old Beatrice "Booky" Thomson (Rachel Marcus) and her friends have suddenly noticed that boys are interesting. And for Booky, the new boy she's tutoring holds special allure. When her teacher announces an upcoming dance, it's all she can do to contain her infatuation. Booky's loving and sensible mom (Megan Follows) guides her gently through her first crush while managing to rekindle her own romance with Booky's hardworking father (Stuart Hughes).

Megan Follows, Stuart Hughes, Rachel Marcus, Connor Price, Dylan Everett,

Sarah White, Noah Ryan Scott, Albert Schultz, Tom McCamus.

(High Definition where available)

This program belongs to the following categories:

  • Special

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