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Artzooka! (HD) (DV)

Artzooka! (HD) (DV)

"Artzooka!" is an art series hosted by Jeremie, a dynamic and fun-loving art enthusiast. The show focuses on taking ordinary items and recycling them into extraordinary pieces of art. It provides children with access to classic art skills, while encouraging them to think outside the box and see that art has endless possibilities and can be made anywhere and from anything. The show features cutting edge digital elements and electronic art and includes animated characters that contribute to the show's upbeat, off-the-wall energy. All of the art projects are easily mastered, age appropriate and accessible to all children while at the same time being innovative and extraordinary. What will you Artzooka! today?

(High Definition where available) (Described Video)

This program belongs to the following categories:

  • Kids
  • Preschool

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