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Ancient Olympics: Let the Games Begin

Ancient Olympics: Let the Games Begin

The story reveals a pivotal moment in the history of this ultimate sporting event-a time when the purity of the great Olympic ideal is slowly being tainted. It is not only the glory of those games, but also the corruption that threatens them, that resonates with us today. The competitions include chariot racing, running, jumping, discus, javelin and two man-to-man combat finals-boxing and pankration, a form of extreme fighting in which death was not uncommon. With the help of sports historians and great athletes such as George Chuvalo and Olympic medallists Donovan Bailey and Angela Schneider, viewers travel back to a very different life-in a very different world. Combining computer generated imagery and vivid re-enactments, Ancient Olympics brings the legendary Hellenistic spectacle to life.

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  • Sports
  • Olympics
  • Special
  • Documentary

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