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All in a Day (Ottawa)

All in a Day (Ottawa)

All in a Day is music, news, current affairs, culture, theatre, movies, politics, history, humour and conversation, all wrapped up in an engaging and entertaining package.

Airing weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m. in the Ottawa and Kingston areas, All in a Day helps you wind down from a hectic day and get ready for the evening.

Regular features include D Is For Dinner, a mouth-watering recipe prepared live on the radio to tantalize you on the drive home. There's also the chance to hear your favourite long songs, the tunes that never seem to fit into radio's regular format. The Political Panel gives an insider's take on Parliament Hill, while the Book Panel presents the high and the low brow of the latest in literature. And on Thursdays, Robert Fontaine's film reviews are always entertaining, even if the movie isn't.

All in a Day's dynamic, up-to-the-minute pace ensures that if you miss a minute, you'll miss a lot!

This program belongs to the following categories:

  • News: International
  • News: Local
  • News: National
  • Lifestyle & Human Interest

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