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Thomas  Ward

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Thomas Ward (Tom) - Please Like Me

Thomas Ward is a Melbourne comedian originally from Brisbane. He has been best friends with Josh Thomas since they were put into the same year 8 form class 12 years ago. In year 10, Tom and Josh entered their first comedy competition as a duo act based slightly too heavily on Lano and Woodley. They did not win.

After high school Tom and Josh continued working together in the form of the Josh Thomas and Friend podcast and the live Josh Thomas Variety Hour.

The boys' exploitation of honest and horrifically embarrassing stories from their own lives saw an explosion in popularity for the podcast and a crashing decline for Tom's dignity. The podcast peaked at number two in the iTunes podcast charts and hovered in the top 10 for the majority of its lifespan.

Tom later spent two years as the digital content coordinator for the Token Group where he produced video, audio and online content for Australia's biggest comedians as well as creating and writing for Comedy.com.au.

Tom now works as a solo stand up comedian in Melbourne. Please like me is Tom's TV debut. He has a pet rabbit named $haniqua who also debuts in her first acting role, playing herself in Please like me.

You can follow Thomas Ward at twitter.com/thomasward and on his blog at thomasward.com.au.

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