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Robert Wisden

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Robert Wisden plays the always controlled, politically astute Chief Coroner James Flynn in Da Vinci's Inquest. Wisden describes Flynn as a "political animal who has to keep all his ducks in a row or he's dead. He's got pressure from all sides…the government, the media and from Dominic Da Vinci."

Wisden was first drawn to the series by the writing and the production values he saw in Chris Haddock's scripts. Wisden says, "It's head and shoulders above anything else I've done." In keeping with the authenticity of the series and in common with his fellow actors, producers and directors, Wisden prepared for his role as Vancouver's top former pathologist by researching actual autopsies. He also plowed through a stack of binders from the coroner's office so he knew the procedures and protocol that are associated with the Chief Coroner's job.

Born in Brighton, England Wisden moved with his family to Edmonton, Alberta when he was 15 years old. He graduated from the Fine Arts Program at the University of Alberta and quickly made a name for himself as a character actor, appearing in the CBC miniseries Glory Enough for All before landing the lead role in the award-winning CBC movie 9B which led to the starring role in the drama series of the same name.

Twice nominated for Gemini Awards as Best Actor for his work on 9B, Wisden has had recurring roles on the Odyssey and Madison. He has also appeared in two episodes of The X-Files in which he played "Pusher" and guest starred in The Outer Limits, Millennium, Cold Squad, Sleepwalkers, Dead Man's Gun, E.N.G., Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Welcome to Paradox.

Wisden's feature film credits include roles in Legends of the Fall, Excess Baggage and Impolite and he has appeared in numerous highly successful movies-of-the-week, including lead roles in Circle of Deceit, Outrage, Medusa's Child, The War Between Us, The Disappearance of Vonnie, Spoils of War and The Diana Kilmury: Teamster (1998 CableACE Award Winner for Best International Dramatic Movie or Miniseries).

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