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Paul Hunter is a correspondent for CBC News in Washington DC. He reported live from the National Mall for Barack Obama's inauguration, live from Capitol Hill during Obama's first address to Congress and-on U.S. election night in 2008-he filed a memorable report from the White House while being mobbed by exuberant Obama supporters.

Prior to his time in Washington, Hunter was a political correspondent for CBC News The National in Ottawa, providing context and analysis on the Chretien, Martin and Harper governments and covering three federal elections.

Hunter also has extensive fieldwork outside of politics. In his 25 years at CBC he has reported from 10 provinces, two territories and more than a dozen countries, including stretches of work in Great Britain and the Middle East. In 2008, he spent two months embedded with Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

He has sent reports from inside an illegal smuggling tunnel under the Gaza-Egypt border, reported live from Qatar during the 2003 Gulf War, was CBC's lead reporter at the Paul Bernardo trial, covered the crash of the Concorde, the Montreal ice storm, two World Series, a Stanley Cup Final, and even a Royal Wedding.

In 2009, Hunter won the top award from Canadian Association of Journalists for his investigative work on the Brian Mulroney-Karlheinz Schreiber story.

Much of Hunter's career at CBC has been as a reporter but he also has a strong history at the anchor desk. In the 1990s he hosted a current affairs program on CBC Newsworld and he has anchored a variety of newscasts and specials for CBC including a time as the supperhour host in Toronto.

Hunter has also worked for CBC in Saskatoon and Calgary, but his first job was as a reporter in the tiny Ontario town of Wingham.

Born and educated in Toronto, if Hunter had his way, all his spare time would be spent listening to music.

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