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Odario Williams

Odario Williams

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Odario Williams is a Guyanese-born entertainer, raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Today Odario resides in Toronto and is the lead vocalist for the award-winning hip-hop collective Grand Analog. His rap career began while studying creative writing, theatre and film at the University of Winnipeg. He always considered Winnipeg, where he honed his craft, to be a hotbed for creativity & self-expression. As an entertainer, Odario wears many hats, describing himself mainly as a storyteller (he's also been titled a "modern day renaissance man"). Aside from being an actor, songwriter, producer, teacher, journalist and poet, Odario is no stranger to the CBC airwaves, having hosted on the former Radio 3 as well as guest-hosted The Signal, Top 20 and the weekend Mornings. Odario is currently the host of Afterdark on CBC Music.

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