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Andrew Chang joined CBC News Vancouver as host in the summer of 2014, shortly after returning from Sochi as part of CBC's broadcast team. He has also spent time in the host chair for other network shows such as Radio One's The Current, CBC News' The National and CBC News Now.

Prior to coming to Vancouver, he spent a successful decade with CBC Montreal most recently as co-host of CBC Montreal's supper-time newscast. He covered a number of memorable moments in Montreal's history such as Montreal's 2011 federal election night special, which saw the unprecedented rise of the NDP in the province, and the resulting collapse of the Bloc Québécois; the 2012 election-night assassination attempt of Pauline Marois and he was also the first, among local English television networks, to tell Montrealers about the assassination of mafia godfather Niccolo Rizzuto Senior.

Andrew previously worked as one of CBC's chief staff reporters, covering breaking news at both the local and network level: from the Dawson College shootings, to the collapse of the de la Concorde overpass in Laval, to a month-long stint on the Parti Québécois campaign bus during the 2008 provincial election. During this time, Andrew was also working as a video journalist -- interviewing various news-makers, writing and reporting, shooting and editing video. With a camera over his shoulder, Andrew spent years producing both news-length and feature-length reports.

On weekends, it's a different story -- when he is not being the doting father to his daughter, he spends his time snowboarding, hiking, and indulging in one of his many other passions: music.

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