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Saturday October 20, 2018EDT

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12:00 AM
Coronation Street (HD) (DV) - Eps. #9581
Steve has some explaining to do. Imran visits Ryan at the station. Sinead is given a number of tests. Tracy's incandescent with rage.
12:30 AM
Schitt's Creek (HD) (DV) - Series 4 - Eps 2 - Pregnancy Test
After finding a positive pregnancy test, Johnny braces himself for the possibility of a new baby in the family, while David and Patrick search for some privacy.
1:00 AM
Schitt's Creek (HD) (DV) - Series 4 - Eps 3 - Asbestos Fest
Moira prepares for her headline debut at the annual Schitt's Creek Asbestos Fest, while David deals with a group of loitering teens in the apothecary.
1:30 AM
Schitt's Creek (HD) (DV) - Series 4 - Eps 4 - Girls’ Night
Alexis and Twyla have a girls' night out; Patrick teaches David about compromise.
2:00 AM
Schitt's Creek (HD) (DV) - Series 4 - Eps 5 - RIP Moira Rose
A rumour of Moira's death surfaces online; Roland asks Johnny to be godfather to his child.
2:30 AM
Schitt's Creek (HD) (DV) - Series 4 - Eps 6 - Open Mic
David and Patrick throw an open mic night at Rose Apothecary, while Johnny and Stevie begin re-branding the motel.
3:00 AM
The National (HD)
CBC's flagship newscast, featuring depth and context from the CBC's bureaus across the country and around the world.
4:00 AM
Power & Politics: Late Edition, with Vassy Kapelos
An insider's view of the continuously unfolding drama of the Canadian political scene, with host Vassy Kapelos.
5:00 AM
Grand Designs - Australia (HD) - Series 2 - Eps 7 - Stonyfell Watertank
It's out of the box thinking, water tanks that will support an entire house hanging off them, with the roof acting like a giant funnel.
6:00 AM
Super Why! (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 41 - Snow White
Goldilocks asks to share some popcorn with Princess Pea at the Storybook Carnival, but the Princess has a tummy ache.
6:28 AM
You & Me (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 27 - Moon Games
JP is planning a trip to the moon and of course YOU agree to go along, especially since he's bringing along his bowling set, his kite and his badminton set to play with!
6:40 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 36 - Daniel Gets Frustrated / Frustration At School
Daniel Gets Frustrated - Daniel is playing at home but nothing seems to be going his way. With help from Mom, Daniel thinks of new ways to play. / Frustration At School - Daniel and his friends are playing 'restaurant' at school today. Daniel feels frustrated when he can't find what he is looking for.
7:08 AM
Pablo (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 42 - Feeling Floaty
Pablo thinks he'll float away if he puts down his pinecones. Draff disagrees, but when Pablo puts them down, he floats up into the sky and his friends have to rescue him.
7:21 AM
Arthur (HD) (DV) - Series 16 - Eps 2 - Flippity Francine / Muffy Takes the Wheel
Flippity Francine - When Muffy posts a goofy video of Francine on the Muffington Post, Francine worries she will become the laughing stock of the entire school. / Muffy Takes the Wheel - It's the 1st Annual Lakewood Derby and Muffy's revved up! But when she enlists her dad to help her make the winning car, he completely takes over.
7:48 AM
Dot (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 3 - Treasure Hunting Dot
Dot's excited to find amazing treasure on a Geocache hunt, but Mom and Hal help her to realize that her family and friends are the treasures that matter most.
8:00 AM
The Furchester Hotel (HD) (DV) - Series 4 - Eps 47 - The Fish in the Cape
A very kind fish that is wearing a cape checks into the hotel, but his cape causes lots of accidents. Eventually everyone realises that the reason why the fish won't take off his cape is because he's actually a shark! The Furchesters need to find a way so that the shark can stay at the hotel and not scare all the guests.
8:15 AM
Beat Bugs (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 6B - Magical Mystery Tour
A grasshopper invites the Bugs on a "Magical Mystery Tour" (as sung by Eddie Vedder).
8:30 AM
PJ Masks (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 29 - Owlette and the Battling HQs
Night Ninja creates a mighty fortress of his own and plans to use his new HQ to take down PJ Mask headquarters.
8:42 AM
Super Agent Jon le Bon (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 6 - When It Goes Woof!
Jon must trick Creamy into foiling his own plan: that of turning rain into acid!
8:45 AM
Becca's Bunch (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 8A - Cute Lil' Bug
Becca wants a pet, and volunteers to mind Ringo's bug, Sue. However, looking after Sue proves to be a challenge when she changes in ways none of The Bunch expected.
8:56 AM
The Thrillusionists (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 6 - Under Water Wizards
Maya has a school project on sting rays and what better place to learn, than at the world famous, Ripley's Aquarium. When the Thrillusionists take magic into deep water, will it be sink or swim?
9:03 AM
True and the Rainbow Kingdom (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 16 - The Living Sea
Sea Blubbs love the ocean- so why are they leaving the water? True, Bartleby, and the wishes need to help the Living Sea so the Blubbs can return to their home.
9:30 AM
Addison (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 11 - Out of the Blue
When the honey in the community garden's beehive turns bright indigo, Addison is on the case to find out what's giving the bees the blues.
9:41 AM
Holy Baloney (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 3 - Why Do Bats Hang Upside Down?
In a citrus showdown like no other, Lime & Lemon give compelling answers to this question: Why Do Bats Hang Upside Down? Only one of these sour citruses is telling the truth. The other is full of Baloney!
9:44 AM
Ride or Wrong (HD) (DV)
Unsuspecting contestants answer quiz show questions while riding some of the fastest and tallest amusement park rides.
9:47 AM
Wandering Wenda (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 11 - The Karate-Kicking Karaoke Kangaroos of Killiecrankie
Our heroes help the karate-kicking kangaroos of Killiecrankie find their missing karaoke machine.
9:55 AM
Big Block Singsong (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 16 - Brave
A band of blocks belt out a rock anthem about overcoming the fear of googly-eyed monsters and terrifying salads.
10:00 AM
Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 4A - Mushroom Video Gamer
Ollie, Poppy and Nummy find themselves in a video game-world, with jumping mushrooms and a jewel just out of reach, where Ollie will have to taste a mushroom just to stay in the game.
10:12 AM
Will's Jams (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 8 - I'm Gonna Walk
Join Will in a paper-cut animated world as he walks and sings in the desert, in the ocean, at the Olympic Games, and on a farm.
10:15 AM
Lazoo (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 6B - No Bath for Hoshi
While painting at Lazooville Park, Hoshi gets covered in paint and refuses to take a bath until Farmer Phyllis shows him how to have fun with bubbles.
10:26 AM
Big Block Singsong (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 17 - Ears
A big-eared big block sings a song about the sounds he hears with his ears including creaking trees, buzzing bees and a conversation going on with fleas.
10:28 AM
Beat Bugs (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 7A - When I’m 64
An old alarm clock sends Jay into the future ... well, sort of.
10:45 AM
Scout & The Gumboot Kids (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 2 - The Case of the Pebble Eaters (DV)
Scout sends the Gumboot Kids to a farm to find an animal that eats rocks.
10:50 AM
Jessie & The Gumboots Kids (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 7 - Chomp Chomp Chew
Jessie Farrell, Daisy, Scout and the Gumboot Kids explore an orchard and mindfully eat some delicious apples.
10:54 AM
Fuzzy Tales (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 22 - The Princess And The Hopper
Princess Willa switches places with her friend Ramona.
11:00 AM
The Moblees (HD) (DV) - Series 2 - Eps 14 - Bing Boing Bounce
When it's time for a visiting baby Bing-Boing Bird to go back to its nest the Moblees need some big time bouncing help from the Moblees at home to get the job done.
11:11 AM
Big Block Singsong (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 18 - Colourful Day
An artist big block tangoes his way by foot, boat and hot air balloon through a wonderful, beautiful and very, very colourful day.
11:15 AM
Bookaboo (HD) - Series 1 - Eps 26 - Simon Gregson
The actor Simon Gregson is on hand to deliver a wonderful reading of Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam by Steven Lenton and Tracey Corderoy.
11:28 AM
Stella & Sam (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 9B - Meadow Melody
Sam wants to perform in Stella's music concert, but doesn't have an instrument to play.
11:42 AM
The Adventures of Napkin Man! (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 12 - To the Moon
When Winston is too excited and doesn't want to take time off from building his toy to have lunch, Mister Anthony instead tells him a Napkin Man story about the time Napkin Man helped Arnie the Astronaut stop and take a break for lunch before finishing building his moon base.
11:54 AM
The Art Show (HD) (DV) - Series 1 - Eps 6 - Ben's Fence
Ben's backyard artist's haven is an iconic child retreat and full of his own creations. Inspired by a colorful outdoor installation piece at Glenhyrst, Ben decides to create a colorful artist's fence for his little refuge.
12:00 PM
Our Ottawa (HD)
The stories and people that our city is talking about - every week on CBC's Our Ottawa with Adrian Harewood.
1:00 PM
Absolutely Canadian (HD) - BUSK
BUSK showcases the unique talent of street performers in Toronto.
2:00 PM
Doc Zone - To the Rescue
Go behind-the-scenes with the people who save lives when outdoor adventurers put themselves at risk. A documentary about Canada's patchwork search and rescue system. Why is it sending out its own SOS call?
3:00 PM
The Nature of Things - (HD) (DV) - Lights Out!
We explore how the type of light we are exposed to in the hours between dusk and bedtime can play tricks on our bodies and cancel the healthful benefits naturally triggered by the absence of light.
4:00 PM
Championship Figure Skating - Skate America (HD)
Featuring Skate America - Men's Short & Pairs Free Programs from Everett, USA.
6:00 PM
CBC News Saturday (HD)
Coverage of the latest news and weather with host Marivel Taruc.
6:30 PM
Hockey Central Saturday (HD)
News and analysis previewing upcoming NHL action.
7:00 PM
HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA (HD) - St. Louis @ Toronto
St. Louis @ Toronto (Live Full Network) (HD where available)
10:00 PM
HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA (HD) - Nashville @ Edmonton
Nashville @ Edmonton (Live Full Network) (HD where available)

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