Vancouver Broadcast Centre

Recording Studio

Once the home of the CBC Radio Orchestra, Studio One is a favourite location for recording and film scoring work.

With a beautifully smooth reverberant characteristic, capacity for an audience and performers of up to 160 people, the room is widely acknowledged as one of - if not the best - studio sound stages north of Hollywood and west of Toronto.

Ideal for orchestral and choral recordings, the room recently accommodated an 88 piece orchestra. An excellent complement of percussion instruments, a top tier Steinway Model D 9" piano, and an extraordinary microphone selection position Studio One at the top of the class.

The centre piece of Studio One is a Euphonix System 5 audio console with 48 physical faders and a fully redundant dual core system. A wide assortment of outboard processing and Genelec 5.1 monitoring complete the package.

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40 ft. x 67 ft., approx. 2,680 sq. ft.


30 ft.

Loading Door Clearance

5 ft. x 7.6 ft.


Euphonix System 5 192 Channel 48 fader mixing desk

Pro Tools HD with plugins

Sample Rates: 48KHz (normal) and 96KHz


5.0 Genelec 8050 with Genelec Sub and Bass Management 


Extensive Vintage Outboard Compliment, including: Studio

2 Urei 1176 Comp/Limiters
1 Focusrite 3 Dual Comp/Limiter
1 TC Electronic Finalizer
1 TC Electronics System 6000 with ICON

  • 52 Mic lines to control room (1st 32 direct to desk)
  • 9 Foot Steinway Concert Grand piano
  • 50 pair of Sony MDR 7505 Headphones
  • XGP-10 or XGP-25 (with wide angle lens) projectors available, plus a 16' x 9' screen.
  • 4 X Neuman P48 U87
  • 2 X Neuman U87
  • 1 X Neuman M149 Tube mic
  • 2 X Neuman U47 FET
  • 5 X Schoeps Mics
  • 6 X B and k 4006
  • 4 X B and K 4011
  • 6 X Neuman KM 184
  • 6 X Shure Beta 58
  • 4 X BETA 57A
  • 2 X AKG 414 P48
  • 1 X AKG C422
  • 6 X JDI