Vancouver Broadcast Centre

Recording Studio - Studio One

Please note that due to Covid-19, this recording studio is closed and we are not accepting bookings or holds at this time. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Once the home of the CBC Radio Orchestra, Studio One is a favourite location for recording and film scoring work.

With a beautifully smooth reverberant characteristic, capacity for an audience and performers of up to 160 people, the room is widely acknowledged as one of - if not the best - studio sound stages north of Hollywood and west of Toronto.

Ideal for orchestral and choral recordings, this space has accommodated 80 peice orchestras.   An excellent complement of percussion instruments, a top tier Steinway Model D 9" piano, and an extraordinary microphone selection position Studio One at the top of the class.

The centre piece of Studio One is a Euphonix System 5 audio console with 48 physical faders and a fully redundant dual core system. A wide assortment of outboard processing and Genelec 5.1 monitoring complete the package.

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40 ft. x 67 ft., approx. 2,680 sq. ft.


30 ft.

Loading Door Clearance

5 ft. x 7.6 ft.


Euphonix System 5 192 Channel 48 fader mixing desk

Pro Tools HD with plugins

Sample Rates: 48KHz (normal) and 96KHz


5.0 Genelec 8050 with Genelec Sub and Bass Management 


Extensive Vintage Outboard Compliment, including: Studio

2 Urei 1176 Comp/Limiters
1 Focusrite 3 Dual Comp/Limiter
1 TC Electronic Finalizer
1 TC Electronics System 6000 with ICON

  • 52 Mic lines to control room (1st 32 direct to desk)
  • 9 Foot Steinway Concert Grand piano
  • 50 pair of Sony MDR 7505 Headphones
  • XGP-10 or XGP-25 (with wide angle lens) projectors available, plus a 16' x 9' screen.
  • 4 X Neuman P48 U87
  • 2 X Neuman U87
  • 1 X Neuman M149 Tube mic
  • 2 X Neuman U47 FET
  • 5 X Schoeps Mics
  • 6 X B and k 4006
  • 4 X B and K 4011
  • 6 X Neuman KM 184
  • 6 X Shure Beta 58
  • 4 X BETA 57A
  • 2 X AKG 414 P48
  • 1 X AKG C422
  • 6 X JDI