Toronto Broadcast Centre

Audio Post

The Audio Post department offers 5 suites featuring Pro Tools HD and a music recording studio with a floor measuring 1,400 sq ft plus two iso booths.

Audio Suites
  • 5 record / edit/ mix studios and a music recording & mix studio

Mixers in various studios included ProTools HD with ProControl, D Command, Mackie 24/8 mixer and Euphonix System 5 Digital Console.

Supported Formats:

  • Pro-Tools HD
  • DAT
  • CD
Additional Features

Studio 211 is a music recording and mix studio featuring a large recording floor measuring 1,400 sq ft. and three iso booths measuring 500 and 200 sq ft. respectively. Facility includes:

  • Euphonix System 5 Digital Console, fully automated with motorized faders, snapshot recall etc and ProTools HD 48 - Digital I/O recorder
  • Music instruments include 9 ft Steinway, Hammond B3 with Lesley speaker
  • Surround sound monitoring
  • Full array of signal processing, microphones