Toronto Broadcast Centre

About Us

Stew Moore
Senior Manager, Independent Production | Production Services

An industry veteran with 20 years of experience in independent and in-house production, Stew has worked at CBC in a variety of roles including Production Manager, Producer; and Director of Production for CBC's Arts & Entertainment division. He currently runs the facility rental division for Production Services at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto.


Shannon Jaffer
Senior Manager, Glenn Gould Studio | Production Services

Shannon has over fifteen years experience in the event industry, with a background in venue operations, logistics, and event marketing. Shannon started her career at CBC as an Event Specialist and was also part of the CBC production crew for the Turin 2006 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. After a few years outside of CBC in corporate event planning and sport management, Shannon returned to the CBC and currently manages the Glenn Gould Studio.


Carl Swanston
Director, News | Production Services

Carl joined the management team in 2007 first with Radio-Canada and then with CBC overseeing News Operations in Toronto and in our foreign bureaus.  Carl's background is in audio having worked as a Recording Engineer for the CBC and as a First Audio (A1) in sports and entertainment.  Leading a team of 230, Carl ensures the smooth operations of CBC News as well as Graphic Design and Visual Editing for all in-house production.


Marc Lefebvre
Director, Content Management and Preservation | Production Services

Marc has a wealth of project and production management experience from previous roles both within and outside CBC. He has produced and directed live-action and animated television programs for independent producers before he made the transition to managing Production Services at CBC Vancouver. There he was Director of Production Services for CBC Alberta/BC region, and prior to that Manager of News Operations for the BC region, and Manager of French Production Services for BC and Yukon.

He is now Director of Content Management and Preservation, which is responsible for the acquisition and curation of our creative content, providing reference and research services, promoting and providing preservation of our organization's cultural assets, ensuring that the culture of Canada as reflected in CBC programming is documented and preserved.


Ruthie Calarco
Director, Television Production and Resources | Production Services

With a background in technical operations, producing and directing, Ruthie Calarco has 20 years of experience working in both public and private broadcasting in Canada and the United States. She is the current Director of Television Production for CBC Toronto, with a talented team of managers, studio and field technicians, editors, designers and associate directors.


Julie McCambley
Director, Radio Production, Audio Post Production and Glenn Gould Studio | Production Services

For 20 years, Julie has been passionately solving complex technical and business challenges, working with various and diverse technologies and leading and implementing large and complex projects in film, television and radio.  As the Director of Radio Production, Julie and her  team are responsible for the operational strategy for Radio across English Services.  As the chair of the Radio committee for the North American Broadcasting Association, Julie and the committee are championing change and collaboration in the Radio industry.


Joe Mahoney
Director, Infrastructure Support | Production Services

Joe has worked in broadcasting for over thirty-five years, starting as a disc jockey in private radio in Prince Edward Island before joining the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Joe spent his first twenty years with the CBC in radio, ten of those years as a recording engineer for the radio drama department. In 2007 Joe joined CBC's management team, where he passed a decade managing Toronto Broadcast Maintenance teams. As Director of Infrastructure Support, Joe is responsible for directing and leading the implementation of major production systems within English Services from a Real Estate perspective as well as serving as a direct liaison between Media Operations and CBC's Media Technology and Infrastructure Services.


Barbara Farquharson
Manager, Toronto Design Office | Production Services

Barbara's design career began as an Assistant Set Designer in CBC's Design department. From there, she worked on various movies, specials and series like Kids in the Hall, working her way up to Production Designer for the Royal Canadian Air Farce. Barbara was with CBC's Design Department for more than 20 years, until its closure in 2007. After a brief period in the freelance world, she returned to the CBC in her new role as Manager of the Toronto Design Office.