Pretty Hard Cases


About the show

Pretty Hard Cases is a fun and irreverent female buddy cop series set in Toronto that follows Guns and Gangs Detective Sam Wazowski (Meredith MacNeill) and Drug Squad Detective Kelly Duff (Adrienne C. Moore). It’s not until their chance meeting during a takedown that Sam and Kelly realize they’re going after the same target…and they couldn’t disagree more on strategy, and pretty much everything else. By day, they are heroes in their own particular way: skilled, tough, determined, and entertaining, fighting to do good in a broken system. But by night, they’re both grappling with loneliness, dysfunctional families, screwed-up love lives, and a sense that their professional ambitions may not be totally in line with their personal needs. Their friendship could help to balance each other out if only they didn’t drive one another utterly insane.