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Points North
with Jason Turnbull

Destroying records from the Truth and Reconciliation Commision

A recent court decision ruled that the records of testimony from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be destroyed after 15 years, unless survivors choose to have them preserved. We spoke to residential school survivor Ed Metatawabin about the decision.

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What's taking so long to repair the Iron Bridge?

If you're driving to Sault Ste. Marie, you would have noticed a major road delay around Iron Bridge. That bridge has been under construction since the spring of 2012 and was supposed to be completed a year later.

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Points North on the beatboxing beat

Emilie Carrey, also known as SpaRx is Sudbury beatboxer. She stopped by our studio to talk about her art and to give a bit of a performance for Barry.


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Jungle Cats World returns to Science North

We had some pretty cute studio guests - Elvis the New Guinea singing dog and Nadia the fennec fox. They're two of the animals you can see as part of the Jungle Cats World show happening at Science North right now.


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Talk it or lose it - Ojibwe language in schools

It was on the tip of my tongue, now it's gone. Keeping Ojibwe alive and well - that was the topic of a conference at Algoma University. We spoke to a language teacher from Manitoulin Island about it.

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hitchBOT in the northeast

The little hitch-hiking robot is making its way from coast-to-coast - it's in the northeast this week and got picked up by Kenneth Armstrong in Sault Ste. Marie. We talked to him about his experiences.

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Faces of Peru...in Sudbury!

Local photographer Thomas Duncan spent two weeks in Peru as part of a Photographers without Borders placement. His exhibition, Faces of Peru, opens at The Fromagerie in Sudbury tonight.

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Accessible Media group turns off its mics

AMI Group in Sudbury has been reading and recording local newspaper stories for years. The recorded audio was then provided to blind or visually impaired people. We spoke to a volunteer who worked with the not-for-profit.

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When tailings ponds go bad

You've probably heard about the tailings pond leak in British Columbia. We hear about a historic spill in northern Ontario and talk with an expert about where exactly tailings ponds can be found around here, and what's in them.

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A summer of co-op for LU students

As part of the Laurentian University architecture program, students are required to do a series of co-operative work placements. This summer was the first placement period for the inaugural class of students - we visit two of them at work!


Jeremy Upward and Keegan McGowan work in a backyard in New Sudbury (Hilary Duff/CBC)

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