The Poetry Face-Off Winner has flown to the top!

The winner of the 2009 Poetry Face-Off is Randy Drover of St John's, Newfoundland!

Second Place goes to Toronto's Krystle Mullin! Listen to their poems below.

And Nicole Pakan takes Third Place.

Congratulations to them and all the regional winners.

Listen to the other poets online.

Randy DroverRandy Drover is a fourth year student at Memorial University of Newfoundland, who studies English and History and is also working towards diplomas in creative and professional writing. His work appears in Paragon, and most recently in The Current’s column ‘Word Up!’ Originally from Upper Island Cove, his spare time is devoted to creating lives that are far more interesting than his own.

Listen to his poem

Listen to his interview

Krystle MullinKrystle Mullin’s distinct raspy voice may well be taller than she is (she stands only 5’3) but a lack of vertical height hasn’t stopped this spoken word artist from reaching unimaginable heights in a short period of time.  She has been performing for 3 years and has already toured across Canada and the U.S., been a 3 time member of the Toronto Slam Team and performed at esteemed festivals such as Hillside and The Eden Mills Writers' Festival. 

Listen to her poem

Listen to her interview

Nicole PakanNicole Pakan is an active member of the Edmonton literary community, performing regularly at venues around the city. She is the Co-Editor for the international online and print literary journal DailyHaiku. Her recent publication credits include poems in: filling Station, The Prairie Journal, Other Voices, Notebook Magazine, Misunderstandings Magazine, The Toronto Quarterly and Blue Skies Poetry. She was also short-listed for the CV2 2-day poem contest for 2008. 

Listen to her poem