The Con Who Couldn't Quit

The Fifth Estate

the fifth estate’ revisits the life of Stephen Neeson, convicted bank-robber and prison escapee. Neeson admitted to more than 20 bank robberies, largely in Brockville and Ottawa, Ontario. In an interview, Brockville Police Chief Scott Fraser remembers Neeson as the subject of an intense multi-police force manhunt during which he became known as "The Gentleman Bank Robber" based on his good manners. Chief Scott recalls "I've never had witnesses who described the criminal as having nice eyes". When we last interviewed Neeson in 2006, he had recently made contact with his birth mother and was appearing before the National Parole Board, a rarely-filmed procedure. But when we found out in February, 2015 about His recent death in the Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre awaiting trial on another bank robbery, we sought to investigate why -- despite support and opportunities -- he seemed unable to leave his criminal life behind him.

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