Atif Rafay Full Interview

The Fifth Estate

Atif Rafay has been in prison for half his life serving 3 consecutive life sentences for the murder of his parents and sister in 1994. If his last chance appeal applying new Supreme Court of Canada rules to his Mr. Big sting fails, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Rafay has devoted himself to education, participating in prison university courses and teaching other inmates. One of his academic essays, “On the Margins of Freedom” was published in The Walrus in 2011. Unlike his high school friend Sebastian Burns, Rafay has kept a low profile with no known infractions while in detention. He spoke to the fifth estate’s Bob McKeown in late 2014 from inside the Monroe Correctional complex, his first media interview since his conviction in 2004. Their conversation touches on everything from Ivy League education, to his U.S. trial and his Mr. Big sting.

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