Canada Reads 2014: Wab Kinew and Joseph Boyden on The Orenda

Canada Reads

After four days of fierce debating, Wab Kinew has emerged as the champion book defender of Canada Reads 2014. His passionate endorsement of Joseph Boyden's The Orenda helped elevate the book to its new status as the one novel that could change our nation. Now Kinew and Boyden come together in Studio Q to chat with Q and Canada Reads host Jian Ghomeshi about Canada's annual battle of the books, the grassroots support they got from #TeamOrenda, and why they think a work of fiction set in the 17th century may really inspire social change in modern Canada. Throughout the show, Kinew touted the power of the The Orenda with several memorable statements -- "reconciliation must not be a second chance at assimilation" -- questions -- "do we own the land, or does the land own us? -- and a memorable spoken word tribute.

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