CBC celebrates 75 years of Sports (Web extra)


On this edition of Rewind, it’s all about sports. Covering sports has always been popular on CBC Radio as sportscasts, as play-by-play and as programming. You’ll hear from hockey announcer Foster Hewitt and athlete Bobbie Rosenfeld, from programs like Sports College and The Inside Track and from events like the Ben Johnson doping scandal and the Olympic Games. If you say the words hockey and CBC to a certain generation of Canadians, they will say Foster Hewitt. For more than half a century, Hewitt was the voice of hockey in Canada. As well as calling games, Foster had his own show called Foster Hewitt Reporting. Here he is in 1950 interviewing Bobbie Rosenfeld after she was chosen Canadian woman athlete of the first half of the 20th century. She played many sports over her career- including hockey.

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