Sudbury man who unknowingly helped wanted teens get their vehicle unstuck in northern Alberta

Morning North

Police continue their search in northern Manitoba for two teenagers suspected of murder. Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod are wanted in the connection with 3 killings in British Columbia. There have been reported sightings of the two men in Alberta, Saskatchewan and most recently Manitoba. A Sudbury man, Tommy Ste-Croix, unknowingly helped the teenagers get unstuck in Cold Lake Alberta. Ste-Croix has been living in Cold Lake for the last few years. A week ago Sunday, his sister-in-law told him how she saw a couple of people stuck in the mud with their Toyota Rav 4. Ste-Croix went over to help out. The CBC's Waubgeshig Rice asked Ste-Croix what happened.

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