Montreal culinary scene - covering a foodie paradise

Radio Noon Montreal

Last month, the Montreal Gazette announced its new trio of food writers to replace Lesley Chesterman. They'll be doing reviews, covering trends and offering up best-of lists. We're joined in studio by guests Joanna Fox, who is doing restaurant reviews, Isa Tousignant, who, like a restaurant beat-cop, hits the streets, searching out her favourites to share in a list. Her most recent include new vegan restaurants and ice cream shops, perfect for the balmy weather. Lastly, features writer Amie Watson, who covers trends and does a deep dive into all things food, be it an explosion of sushi restaurants on the West Island to what innovative ways restaurants are managing the business side. Host Leah Hendry asks listeners to call in with their faves, questions and suggestions. What makes a good restaurant for you? How much is about customer service, ambience or cleanliness? Is it the total package or just the food?

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