Chuckwagon racing: Family entertainment or an unnecessarily danger to horses and drivers?

Blue Sky

It's rodeo season in Saskatchewan and for many communities that means chuckwagon races. The sport is loved by many in the province, but it's also been plagued by plenty of controversy in recent years. This past week, six horses died at the Calgary Stampede and that has once again led to some people calling for an end to the sport. Today on the show, we heard from Neil Salmond. He's the father of Evan Salmond, the Hudson Bay SK area chuckwagon driver that lost 4 horses during the Calgary Stampede last week. We also heard from Dr. Deanna Johnson, who is a veterinarian in the Hudson Bay area and Dr. Peggy Larson, a veterinarian who is on consider rodeo events such as chuckwagon racing to be putting animals at unnecessary risk. We also heard from a whole lot of listeners who come from very different perspectives.

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