Books and times except when it comes to transportation

Labrador Morning

On today's podcast, we drop y a tiny library set up on a lawn of a residence in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, and find out why making it is a dream come true. We hear about a new children's book, The Tale of the Wandering Whale, that will be released in Red Bay this weekend. We speak with the minister of transportation, Steve Cocker, on the upcoming arrival of the Kamutik W and what he's doing to make the "boat plane" less confusing for travellers. We'll hear from the Wonderbolt circus about a documentary airing this weekend on their workshops in Labrador. We'll find out how much damage a black bear can do to your home if its determined to get in. And Sheshatshui musician David Hart opens up about his work, music and how he's sharing his Innu culture.

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