Remains of victims of a 19th-century shipwreck off the coast of Gaspe get re-buried in special ceremony

Daybreak Montreal

A ceremony is being held later this morning in Gaspe to honour and re-bury the victims of a shipwreck from more than 170 years ago. The Carricks of Whitehaven was on its way to Quebec City and was carrying Irish Immigrants who were fleeing the potato famine when it sank during a storm off the Gaspe coast in 1847. The remains of victims were first found in 2011, and the remains of 18 others were found in 2016. Just last month, Parks Canada confirmed that these remains were, in fact, the remains of passengers from the Carricks shipwreck. We hear from a descendant of survivors of the Carrick, and speak with Jason King, an Irish Montrealer and academic coordinator at the Irish Heritage Trust in Dublin, Ireland.

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