Transportation issues: no ferry for the north coast and a scary flight!

Labrador Morning

On today's podcast, we reair an interview from 2011 with famed fiddle player the late Lester Montague of North West River. If you are a fan of ART and going for a walk in nature, we'll tell you about a new event that mixes the two. We hear from a resident of Hopedale who is stuck in town due to the lack of ferry service and Torngat Mountains MHA Lela Evans talks about issues with transportation on the coast. A steel fabrication shop in Happy Valley-Goose Bay wanted to house a data centre but the town says no and we'll find out why. A passenger on a flight bound for the north coast yesterday tells us about a scary ordeal. We hear a cry from the heart from a foster parent in Nain who says more needs to be done. The changing climate is threatening artefacts in Labrador. We'll hear what scientists are doing about it.

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