A GROWING idea for data mining, an update on the road, long weekend bbq inspiration and more...

Labrador Morning

On today's podcast, Labrador Expo is cluing up in Happy Valley Goose Bay this week and we're going to dig into a couple updates from the mining sector.The Mary's Harbour crab plant is going full tilt, we're taking you to the state-of-the-art facility for a look just before the first haul of crab arrived. People's plans for the long weekend have been interrupted with the closure of the TLH we spoke with Lake Melville MHA for the latest on the situation. A new data mine being proposed for HVGB, but this one has an environmental twist! 13 year old Lyndon Rumbolt from Cartwright is currently on his way to Europe to represent Canada for WWI remembrance celebrations. There's nothing quite like the sizzle of a big steak hitting a hot backyard grill, we kick-off a new BBQ series with a trip to a professional smokehouse. And there's a new album in the works for Gary and Jennifer Mitchell.

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