June 20, 2019

Tuttavik (Inuktitut)

Interview with Kativik Illisarnilirinirq (school board) President, Robert Watt. The KI commissioners met a couple of weeks ago in Montreal, the discussions mainly focused on the KI finances and budget. KI has a budget of 122 million for the year. The Ullivik general director, Maggie Putulik presented her report at the Nunavik Health Board annual meeting last week. Ullivik is the patient boarding house for Nunavik Inuit travelling south for medical purposes. The boarding home has 143 beds, however since it opened, it has been filled to capacity and nearby hotels have to be used for patients and their escorts. Last year's budget for Ullivik was 15 million dollars. Some delegates raised concerns about the operation of the boarding house.

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