June 14, 2019

Tuttavik (Inuktitut)

Community report from Quaqtak with Johnny Oovaut. National News and the Nunavik Theater group launches a book titled "Atungak and the Hunters". The story is taken from a play by the theater group performed two years ago, it's a Inuit traditional story immersed with a modern day events. Lisa Qupirualuk and Daniel Gadbois from the theater group spoke at the launch. One of the main topics discussed at the Nunavik Health Board annual meeting was about training and education of Inuit in the administration health sector. Delegates talked about the need for more Inuit in the medical field such as nurses, doctors, attendies, ect. Jobie Tukkiapik is the new head of training at the health board, he spoke about his new duties.. There were also discussions about getting people hired from the south trained in inter-culture knowledge. Shirley White-Dupuis a retired Inuit nurse from Kuujjuaq talked about the training she recieved in the 1970's. We will listen to some of the discussions on the topic of training and education in the medical field.

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