Good News Friday - Gardening stories that will make you feel good about the world

Blue Sky

Today we brought you good news gardening stories from across the province. We took you to the Saulteaux First Nation where community members share seeds, knowledge and experience with one another as they compete for the title of Best Garden. We heard from Bonnie Sanderson near Prince Albert who has started a memorial vegetable garden to honour her daughter Jessy 10 years ago. We took you to the Kaleidoscope Garden outside Saskatoon to meet Adi and Jenny, a couple from two different parts of the world who bonded over agriculture and whose love blossomed alongside their vegetable patch, and we heard about the orchard project on the James Smith Cree Nation that has brought together multi-generations. We know gardening is about much more than food. For some it can be a healing and therapeurtic experience. For others it's a way of bringing together communities. Some people have formed frienships and even had love blossom in the garden.

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