After the Overdose Part 2: The Forgotten Ones

White Coat Black Art

In the second of a two-part series Dr. Brian Goldman pulls back the curtain on a side of Canada's opioid crisis that's gotten little attention. After documenting the story of Dayton Wilson, a 24-year-old man from Kamloops who sustained a brain injury from overdosing on fentanyl, Dr. Goldman pays a visit to a Vancouver ICU,which frequently sees patients like Dayton - some of whom will never recover enough to live independently. Critical care specialist Dr. Delbert Dorscheid ays despite the efforts to fight the opioid crisis, the number of overdose patients is not going down, and some end up so damaged by fentanyl overdoses, they are non-responsive and will never recover brain function. Others are going into long- term care homes like Holy Family Hospital n Vancouver, where site director Rae Johnson says they are now caring for 30-something patients with overdose acquired brain injuries, alongside elderly residents.

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