After the Overdose Part One: The Forgotten Ones

White Coat Black Art

Dr. Brian Goldman travels to BC, and in the first of a two-part series tells the story of the men and women who are being largely overlooked in Canada's opioid crisis: Those who survive overdoses, but are left with permanent, debilitating brain damage. Authorites regularly track and release the numbers of people who die each month as a result of the opioid crisis, but they do not have a handle on those who suffer brain injuries. Dayton Wilson is one of the them. The 24-year-old Kamloops man took an accidental hit of fentanyl and was left with permanent brain damage that has compromised his ability to speak, his balance and left him with chronic pain. The once-aspiring musician now works part time as a custodian at a ski resort and recieves disability payments. He and his mother piece together the events that led to his overdose, and make the case that as the opioid crisis continues, patients like Dayton are being forgotten.

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