Sports headlines the show today - Lab Cup updates and talking basketball with players in Mary's Harbour.

Labrador Morning

On today's podcast, we head back in time to Lab Cup 2017 to find out what it's like to referee at the annual soccer tournament. Trevor Paine will be in studio to give us an update on the 37th annual Lab Cup that kicked off yesterday. The gas situation in Rigolet hit an all time low yesterday - literally. The town gas tank is nearing the last of its litres. We'll find out how that is affecting the community and what's being done. The council in Charlottetown is asking residents of nearby Pinsent's Arm to financially contribute to their shared services. We'll speak with town staff to find out why. Tacora Resources has been dusting off the old plant at Scully Mine in Wabush this week. We'll find out what milestones they've crossed. Toronto might be hosting the first NBA finals in Canadian history but fans in Labrador will also be cheering. We'll bring you reactions from fans in Mary's Harbour and I can tell you now they're saying Raptors in 7.

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