Hoarding expert says hoarders need understand and support not hate

Saskatoon Morning

A woman accused of some of the worst animal cruelty on the prairies had her case before a Lethbridge court again yesterday. April Irving's lawyer says they are working towards a "settlement" on her 14 charges. Those were laid after more than 200 dogs were seized from her property in southern Alberta four years ago. The animals were found dehydrated, starving and chained in the yard. Irving had all of those dogs, despite a 10-year ban on owning more than two dogs at a time imposed here in Saskatoon -- after more than 80 dogs were taken from her property near Foam Lake. The case has sparked a lot of outrage about what kind of person could treat animals so poorly, while claiming they love them. Christiana Bratiotis is an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia who conducted a hording research project. She spoke with Saskatoon Morning's Jennifer Quesnel.

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