Mark Tewksbury on his one man show 'Belong'

The Homestretch

On Wednesday and Thursday night of this week, a new one-man-show will roll out at Calgary's Decidedly Jazz Dance Theatre as part of Wordfest. It's called 'Belong' and it's about the personal journey of a very public figure. Back in 1992, Mark Tewksbury dove into the Olympic pool in Barcelona, Spain, with the hearts and hopes of all Canadians on the line. The call from Mark Tewksbury's gold-medal backstroke race at the 92 summer games. He emerged from the pool an Olympic hero, but his show is not focused on sport. You see years after that win Tewksbury would make front page news for coming out. He's since become a social justice leader and role model for LGBTQ-plus people all over the world.

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