May 9, 2019

Tuttavik (Inuktitut)

Ahuya Snowball, son of well-known skidoo racer Junior May, participated the Annual Skidoo Race 2019 in Iqaluit to Kimmeruk and return..Ahuya talked about his race..meetings of racers and gas handlers and mechanics the night before the race...numbers of the racers were drawn from the hat and see which racers will start first..racers started two by two and each racers started every 30 seconds...Racers support staff along the trail to Kimmeruk...Kuujjuaq gas handlers and mechanic were waiting at Kimmeruk..Ahuya won the race and in Kuujjuaq,s skidoo race..both father and son raced..Ahuya won the race too passing his father. National News and Late Tumasi Kallak's story about old lady who was unable to keep pace with his sons when moving to other camps...old lady killed a polar bear by putting her mitt onto her cane and shoving her mitt into bear's open mouth and killl the bear....Inukraaliit...small people.

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