May 6, 2019

Tuttavik (Inuktitut)

Alec spoke with Cameron Zubko about the Ice Wireless launch in Kuujjuaq which took place today....Ice Wireless partnered with Tamaani Services...Ice Wireless phones available and you can check out their website on line. Sarah Aloupa of Kativik Illisarniliriiniq talked about the closure of school in Quaqtaq for reasons of health's heating system needs overhaul and this school was first built in 1970's and it's been leaking liquid from the heating system and teachers and students getting sick and health board issued closure of the school until further notice...temporary classes set up..and will go ahead w/ graduations...renovations are planned and maybe new school instead. National News and Peta Itukkallak reporting community current forecast...geese arriving near community...snow melting..pot holes on paved roads....ptarmigans harvested and distributed to people in need.

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