May 2, 2019

Tuttavik (Inuktitut)

Interview with Eli Aullaluk, mayor of Akulivik about search for missing hunter. Two young men went missing April 20th during a blizzard. A search was conducted the next day with more skidoo's joining in the following days. Foot prints were discovered in the snow which led searchers to one of the missing men. Harry Qullialuk was rescued and brought back to the community. He informed searchers their skidoo ran out of gas and they attempted to walk back but lost each other in the storm. Today search is still going on for Levi Alayco. Canadian rangers, volunteers have joined the search from the communities of Puvirnituk, and Ivujivik. An Air Inuit twin otter is also being used for the search. National news and the late elder Tumasi Kallak describes the construction of the traditional Inuit qayaq.

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