It's a mixed pot of topics today - roads, food, election issues and sports.

Labrador Morning

On today's podcast, anyone driving the Trans Labrador Highway this time of year knows it can be an adventure. We'll revisit a road trip from six years ago and see if anything has really changed. We're checking out a new bakery in Labrador City called the Sugar Shack. What are the most important provincial election issues in the big land? We'll ask Mayor Ron Barron of Wabush and Mayor Chad Letto of L'Anse Au Clair. Elaine Chubbs and other labradorians open up on health care - what works, what doesn't and what do they think could be solutions. We'll find out about the beginnings of a Filipino Labrador association that's just getting on its feet. The world is still in shock over Monday's fire at the historic Notre-Dame Cathedral. We'll speak with photographer Geoff Goodyear who visited Paris last fall.

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