April 10, 2019

Tuttavik (Inuktitut)

The Minister Responsible for Indigenous Affairs Ms. Sylvie D'Amours and the Chairperson of the Kativik Regional Government had news conference where they announce the renewal of the binding Agreement on the Financing of Measures to Reduce the Cost of Living in Nunavik involving the Quebec Government, the Kativik Regional Government and Makivik Corporation. and more than $115-Million to reduce the cost of living in Nunavik. Zebedee Nungak of Kangirsuk made a presentation to Senate Committee of Aboriginal Affairs. In Dec. 2016 government wanted to recognised the aboriginal languages and in Feb. this year..the government showed the new legislation Bill C -91 which has left out a lot for Inuit of Nunavik so negotiations with Inuit groups and language commission must take place.

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