Information on the handling of the investigation into the death of Regina woman Nadine Machiskinic

Saskatoon Morning

Regina police chief Evan Bray is defending his officers' investigation of the death of Nadine Machiskinic -- despite a scathing 22 page RCMP report about the probe. The 29 year old mother of 4 plunged to her death down the laundry chute of Regina's Delta hotel back in January 2015. The investigation into her death was riddled with problems and was subject to a lot of criticism. So Chief Bray asked the RCMP to review it -- and just last week he made that report public. It says the investigation into Machiskinic's death did not meet the standards of a professional sudden death investigation. The iTeam's Geoff Leo has been following this story for years and he spoke with Saskatoon Morning guest host Bridget Yard.

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