From the Labrador Winter Games to the Muskrat Falls inquiry, we'll chat about what's going on in Labrador.

Labrador Morning

We have an update on how the organizing of the Labrador Winter Games is going since it's only 17 days away. And if you missed out on getting tickets to the event, Shawn Broomfield tells us how he can help. There's sure to be lots of visitors in town for the Games, but none quite as unique as the ones visiting St. Lewis this week. A local resident tells us all about it. Telling us the latest on the Muskrat Falls inquiry is CBC's Terry Roberts. We'll hear how Labrador made the number one spot on a list of the best hikes in the province. And if hiking gets you hungry, we're going to find out about a community potluck in Happy Valley-Goose Bay tonight that is sure to delight the tastebuds!

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