B'nai Brith Canada "Diverse Minds Writing Competition"

Information Radio - MB

A teen writing contest featuring inspirational stories, and an inspirational first prize of three thousand dollars! Grade 11 students from Winnipeg's College Beliveau, Yuechin Haw, Jordan Kurtz, and Mikaela Perron along with their teacher, Jennifer Oldfield join Marcy Markusa on Information Radio Bill:They say you should write what you know...and now a writing contest mines what student know about diversity. What stories do they plan to put to paper? Find out at 20 to 8. Intro: Write what you know. Speak from the heart. Tell the truth. Those are all classic tips for writers. And now there's a contest that asks aspiring teen authors to apply those principles by writing and illustrating a kid's book. It's the B'nai Brith Canada "Diverse Minds Writing Competition." and the March 15th deadline is coming up fast. The contest was created to raise students awareness about diversity, inclusion and tolerance. Inspiring subjects...and the prizes are pretty motivating as well - first place is $3,000 dollars, plus being published! Some students have already sent in their books, which must be a relief, but also kind of stressful! Grade 11 students from College Beliveau, Yuechin Haw (You-chin How ) and Mikaela Perron (mih-KAYLA Peh-rohn) are here with their teacher, Jennifer Oldfield. Good morning.

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