One Show, Two Performances

Daybreak Alberta

A new play is being called "a timely exploration of consent, accountability, memory and attraction." "Smoke" explores what happens between a couple when allegations of sexual assault come to light. However, for this production written by Alberta playwright Elena Eli Belyea, the cast takes on a twist. Each performance of Smoke will showcase one of two casts, featuring an opposite sex and same-sex couple on alternating nights. Downstage Theatre says the split casting will give audiences a chance to see how gender can affect how we perceive the very same situation. The show stars Alexandra Dawkins and Joel David Taylor, both performing versions of the character, Jordan and in the middle on both nights is Aiden, portrayed by Chantelle Han. Originally from Alberta, Chantelle found fame as one of the cast members of the original stage version of "Kim's Convenience." Now, she returns home to Calgary to take on this show with opens Wednesday night at the Big Secret Theatre at Arts Commons in Calgary. Russell Bowers spoke with Chatelle Han backstage.

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