More stories related to issues at Labrador Grenfell Health and how to feel like a first-class passenger from the Titantic.

Labrador Morning

This is eating disorder awareness week in Newfoundland and Labrador. We'll tell you about a new category of eating disorder and how it can be recognized. This morning we bring you the story of Fran Cull, a native of Happy Valley-Goose Bay who says the lack of mentorship is the big issue with Labrador Grenfell Health. Chief Eugene Hart weighs in on the topic of health care in Labrador as it relates to members of the Innu First Nation. We'll have a response to his claims from Labrador Grenfell Health. And a Labrador soap company is recreating a luxury item from the Titanic. We'll have details on how you too can feel like a first-class passenger.

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